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Information about the MIS Group food for all campaign

Updated: Aug 6, 2020


In response to the recent surge in demand for food parcels, MIS Group has allocated a £20,000 charity budget for donations to foodbanks in the UK.

Demand for food parcels has increased dramatically across the country, and therefore we are spreading the donations across the 12 regions of the UK.

Each week for a ten-week period, we will be donating a proportion of our £20,000 fund to foodbanks located in a specific region of the UK. Each region of the UK will receive a donation, and details of the rollout and the funding allocated to each region have been provided below.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:

Be a foodbank operating within the UK

Have a valid registered charity number

Have its own bank account

Our approach to donation-giving

With families and individuals across the whole of the UK being financially impacted by COVID-19, we wish to disperse our charity budget across the UK, donating directly to grass-roots level foodbanks.

Starting in our heartland of Northwest England where we’ll be donating £1000 each to two foodbanks, the campaign is being rolled out as follows:

  • Northwest - donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

  • Scotland – donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

  • Yorkshire and the Humber – donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

  • North East of England donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

  • East and West Midlands – donating £1,000 to one foodbank in East Midlands, and two in West Midlands (£3,000 combined)

  • Wales and South West of England – donating £1,000 each to two foodbanks in Wales and one in South West of England (£3,000 combined)

  • South East England – donating to one foodbank (£1,000)

  • East of England - donating to one foodbank (£1,000)

  • Greater London - donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

  • Northern Ireland - donating to two foodbanks (£1,000 each)

We will be asking the general public, via social media and regional media coverage, to tell us about foodbanks that are doing excellent work and making a difference in their community within that week’s specified region.

Suggestions should include the following information:

  • Name, address and contact details for the nominated foodbank

  • The foodbank’s valid registered charity number

  • A short paragraph describing why they are nominating that particular foodbank and detailing the difference it has made within the local community

Please email suggestions to, using the week’s region in the email subject heading ‘Food for all in, for example, North West'.

Decision making process

Nominations will be reviewed for eligibility in line with the criteria listed above.

If more than 10 nominations have been put forward for one region, 10 suggestions will be selected at random from the total eligible suggestions received, using an online randomizer tool. The 10 randomly selected suggestions will be put forward for an MIS staff vote.

If 10 or less suggestions are received for one region, the 10 or fewer suggestions received will be put forwards for an MIS staff vote.

Voters will receive the foodbank’s name and the nominator’s paragraph explaining what difference the foodbank is making in the local community.

Votes will be based upon the individual staff members’ preference, and will be anonymized.

The foodbank/s with the most nominations will be selected as recipients for the donations.

Donation decision

We will contact the foodbank(s) selected to advise them of our donation. Following this contact, we will announce the decision on our social media channels.

We will also contact the individual(s) that nominated the selected foodbank/s to advise them of the outcome, and may ask for their consent to use their details within publicity and social media material.


If you have any questions or comments, please send these to:

Abbie Mellor-Cross, Marketing Manager, MIS Group

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